VBA code string to cell not working – run time error 1004

I’m trying to accomplish something very simple. Actually it used to run normally but when I changed to windows 7 + Office 2013 it just stopped working.

The following line in VBA won’t work:

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  • Worksheets("Charts").Cells(2, 7) = "=" & "23,45" & "/PL!C" & 2

    Charts is an existent sheet of mine and PL is another existent sheet.

    If I add watch to the right hand side equation I get the following formula, which when pasted to the cell (manually) does work.


    The error I’m getting is:

    Run-time error '1004':
    Application-defined or object-defined error

    I’ve looked into several run time error 1004 questions but none of them seem to either be the same issue or work for me. Any ideas ? thanks

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  • One Solution collect form web for “VBA code string to cell not working – run time error 1004”

    Use the Range.Formula property with EN-US syntax or Range.FormulaLocal property with your regional locale settings.

    Worksheets("Charts").Cells(2, 7).FORMULA = "=" & "23.45" & "/PL!C" & 2
    Worksheets("Charts").Cells(2, 7).FORMULALOCAL = "=" & "23,45" & "/PL!C" & 2

    VBA is very EN-US-centric as providing translation for all regional settings ‘on-the-fly’ would create a large overhead.

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