Grouping Rows in Excel using VBA hierarchically

I’m having a problem getting the output as I need from this VBscript. Essentially I have a bunch of managers with numbers in front of them, representing their level, in a sort of hierarchy arranged in rows. For example, 0A 1B 1C 1D 2E 3F 1G 2H 2I And so on. Now, all managers report […]

VBA PPT referencing a table

I am writing a macro inside Excel that takes values from the worksheet and edits a presentation. I am having trouble referencing some values inside a table. The line that keeps running into errors is… reportFile.Slides(7).Shapes(3).Table.Cell(2, 2).Shape.TextFrame.TextRange.Text = “fill” It keeps running into error ’91’ I have tried changing the shape id from numbers through […]

How to parse multiple sheets in Excel to data-set by using open xml

I search lot about how to read and copy data in multiple Excel sheets to data-set using open XML. Only get how to parse single sheet excel to data table. I have a Excel file with multiple sheets. I want to take the data to data-set, so below I pasted the code for copying one […]

Excel VBA edit tables layout

I am using code from elsewhere on this side where you pull tables from Excel into PPT as editable tables, not objects. My issues is that Tab 1 has 8 rows, tab 2 has 4 rows, and tab 3 has 2 rows. However, the code below pulls 8 rows tables everytime. How can I edit […]

Excel 2010 check cells in a row contain data before the Selection Change fires

I have an Excel 2010 data table which is driven by a query from MSSQL. The underlying query changes depending upon what options the user selects in the Excel workbook. I’m okay with changing the query and pulling the data. After the data has been selected multiple users will be able to edit and append […]

Excel Crashing when Handling Large Amounts of Bloomberg Data (Refresh issue)

I have a workbook which contains data points on all equities globally all retrieved using combinations of BDH/BDP Bloomberg formulae, and as one can imagine, this is a lot of data (the workbook is ~20mb). When opening the workbook and Bloomberg tries to update, both Excel and Bloomberg freeze and then ultimately crash due to […]

Reusing an XML map in Excel

I’m trying to reuse an XML map on multiple excel files. The Excel files all have the same structure. When I import a schema file and then manually map all the elements, I can export the Excel data to an XML file as expected. However, if I open up a different Excel file and try […]

Excel VBA – copy multiple columns from 2 workbooks into 1 workbook

I have two workbooks that have data in multiple columns that I want copied and put into a new workbook that contains this macro. Basically I want to be able to open the current workbook, “z”, run the macro, and have the data move/copy over from the other two existing workbooks. I have been searching […]

Updating different sheets of Apache POI Workbook using multiple threads

I have a for loop which i would like to run parallelly. if (platform != null) { for (final String p : platform) {“Platform ” + p); executorService.submit(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub try { runService(p, config, url, title, report); } catch (Exception e) { // TODO […]

How to perform “export json to excel and import excel to json” in react js

I am working on a node+react(express) project where we a some data stored in mongo db which is displayed in a table on the frontend. I want to add functionality where user can click and download the existing data into excel sheet and also upload excel sheet from where the data is fetched and converted […]

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