Excel VBA not converting and changing date properly

At work I have to create an Excel report sheet based on 3 other excel files I receive everyday. 1 file contains the format in which the information must be displayed and the 2 other files contain the information I need, these 2 last files contain information from 2 and 3 days ago respectively, so […]

Excel – allow saving as pdf but no saving of original document

I have a heavily formulated workbook which will be used by staff members who will paste in potentially confidential client information. The workbook then comes up with graphics and data to summarize the imputed information In an ideal world, the people using the program will be able to Save specific sheets as a PDF and […]

VBA code to go to the first non populated row

I am trying to write code to have a button go to the first non blank cell. The problem is that he screen is split & the button is located on the lower half of the split. When I run the following code :Application.Goto Sheet1.Range(“A1”), True it brings to the first non populated row on […]

Excel creating a heat map

I need to make a heat map from a given spreadsheet. The given data looks like this: Given Data Set The point of the data set is to show which systems (sys) contain what requirements of a given report. If a sys contains the requirement for a report the cell is marked with an ‘x’. […]

Copy cells based on row count macro

I have two workbooks. I need to take the row count from workbook 1 (call this “rowcount“) then copy the first row in workbook 2 down the number of rows in “rowcount”. Workbook 2 is a template that has a series of equations in the cells and pulls in data from workbook 1. This is […]

Extract Rows from spreadsheet and put into multiple spreadsheets based off of criteria

I’m looking for a macro that will loop through a folder with many excel files and for each file, loop through each row (starting at row 4) and for each row, look at what value is in column “d” and paste that row into a particular excel file named whatever the value in column “d” […]

Searching two column titles, comparing, and deleting duplicate rows from one sheet only.

Essentially the following searches column L in Sheet1, compares it to another column in a separate worksheet (e.g. Sheet2) and then deletes the whole row from Sheet1. I’m having trouble making it applicable to other situations. Instead of specifying column “L”, can this be easily edited to search for a column title and continue with […]

Make MAC and PC Excel readable csv with \copy command in Postgres

I make some extracts with the \copy command in Postgres 9.6 (I need them on the local client, not on the remote server). I need them as csv files, with header, delimiter “;” and utf-8 encoded (I store anykind of language, latin, chinese, cyrillic,…), readable by Excel on PC and Mac. It could make it […]

Excel formula wouldn't insert from vba

I have a table in a sheet that is produced from Power query. I need to insert formula from vba into empty column within that table. For some reason the formula would not insert at all. I can Copy-Paste that formula from my vba into the place I want and it will work, but not […]

Search cell for text and add if not found

I have a product spreadsheet that contains a row with file names of images. Some have the file extension and some don’t. I am trying to figure out a way to avoid adding “.jpg” to an entire column of cells in my excel worksheet. Is there a method that can help me search to see […]

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