How to change automatically the filter criterion in VBA?

I am trying to set-up, thanks to an option button, a filter on my data in Excel? I have a maturity date and I want to exclude with this filter all the expired items. The cell A3 is giving me the date of today with the Excel function Today(). I know that this is working: […]

vba- averaging Moving Cells

First post here and extremely new at VBA. I’m looking to create a macro that averages that last 4 cells in a row, but the last cell will always be one to the right, as it’ll be a new week. Trying to play around with End(xlright) and here’s what i got- though there’s obviously an […]

Disable/Enable Tabstrip on Multitab based on Checkbox value- EXCEL

I have a userform with a multitab containing 8 tabs. I require a user to use checkboxes on tab 6. I’m try to disable the user from selecting the next tab (tab 7) if Checkbox 1 and Checkbox 2 are left unchecked. They should only be able to access the next tab if they select […]

Get value based on matching values of 2 columns

I have table format like this and I am trying to get the data where if Client name matches then data of Client 2015 column should be copied to 2017 like below. Client 2016 2017 Client 2015 Jack 120 190 Mark 110 Mark 130 110 Rosy 160 Rosy 150 160 Jack 190 Kindly suggest me […]

Copy formula through columns

Good afternoon in my timezone. I am using the row() function in excel cell like this way = ROW() First question : Why this does not evaluate to the real row number and the cell maintain the “= ROW()” text Second question : If i try to copy the cell content(in this case the “=ROW()”) […]

Code functions differently when used on table rather than un-tabulated cells

I am trying to change the data in a spreadsheet into a table. The problem I’m having is a piece of code that functions properly in the untabulated version but not in the tabulated one. The code is supposed to go give every cell in a range a hyperlink, then go back through and use […]

Open Excel file usint Interop using C#

I have this code in C# y used to open a Excel file. Excel.Application oXL = new Excel.Application(); Excel._Workbook oWB; String filename = “C:\\plantilla2.xlsx”; oWB = oXL.Workbooks.Open(filename, 0, true, 5, “”, “”, true, Excel.XlPlatform.xlWindows, “\t”, false, false, 0, true, 1, 0); MessageBox.Show(“FIN”); This code worked fine two days ago. I have not changed anything and […]

Variable number of Repeating Columns with Repeating Rows

Trying to determine how to achieve this data format in XML. The data was was born on punch-cards which then matured to rigidly formatted character-based text flatfile, i.e., field start and stop positions were rigidly defined among 4 ‘Cards’ OK, not really pertinent. Now, I’m trying to bring this legacy stuff into the 21st century […]

R: saveworkbook() to existing excel file changes formulas in existing tabs

I’m using a template of Excel file that has many tabs. Some tabs have formulas, and some tabs are in table format. So I write data from R to those tabs that have tables(empty tables), using package require(“XLConnect”), for example: wb <- loadWorkbook(“template.xlsx”, create = FALSE) writeWorksheet(wb, message_dropdown, sheet = “Message Ref”, startRow = 2, […]

Excel VBA not converting and changing date properly

At work I have to create an Excel report sheet based on 3 other excel files I receive everyday. 1 file contains the format in which the information must be displayed and the 2 other files contain the information I need, these 2 last files contain information from 2 and 3 days ago respectively, so […]

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