How to load a specific sheet from an excel file by asking the user in R?

I would like to load a specific worksheet from an excel file by asking the user. For example: Which worksheet do you want to load ? Answer: SV069_01 Then, I would like to read only the table from this SV069_01 sheet to perform the analyses I already wrote in my code. So I would like […]

Similar data sets, need to iterate through rows with VBA

This question already has an answer here: Error in finding last used cell in VBA 10 answers

funny format when copy from CSV

I used python to write some text to csv but it is stored in funny format. output data is saved here:example data for example, it is read as the below in csv excel text shown in CSV when i copy it to other platforms(notepad, word, web application) it turns into something else after copy I […]

worksheet_calculate triggered wrongly whenever data source is updated

My workbook is essentially for Statistical Process Control I have multiple worksheets – WorksheetA and WorksheetB , C , D …. WorksheetA is where users enter / update new data manually WorksheetB, C and the rest each contains 2 pivot tables – PivotTable1 and PivotTable2. PivotTable1 filters the raw data based on the product group […]

Use VBA for generating Auto reference for a transaction

I am trying to write a code to generate auto transaction reference as well as assigning it to the employee ,could any one help me to find the equation for making it incremental as for example reference is COMP100015/12/2015 , the next would be COMP100115/12/2015 Code I use: Sub LeftArrow2_Click() Dim RowCount As Long Dim […]

Deleting Columns that were Inserted with a Union

I have some code where I’ve inserted two columns through a checkbox multiple times (if user clicks box called Include_Weekends – two columns are inserted for duration of project). If the project lasts 10 weeks, then a union is created that inserts two columns 10 times to account for all 10 weekends. For whatever reason […]

Refer to previous computed column in SQL

I am trying to calculate the val column using id column and the previous val column. On Excel, I simply use the formula “=IF(B2=1,1,C1+B2)”. How can i reference previous value of my column being computed? id val 1 1 2 3 3 6 4 10 5 15 6 21 7 28 8 36 9 45 […]

SUMIF for a wider range

I have a problem that has been nagging me for a while now. I am a novice in Excel. Hence excuse me if this comes across as silly. I have the following array of data: I need to obtain the sum of values corresponding to the row entry “book”. I have used the formula sumif(B4:F7,”book”,C4:F7). […]

Extract text from Office and PDF files in Java

I have a list of .pdf, ppt, pptx, xls,xlsx, doc and .docx FilesList<File> and now want to look for email-addresses in this files. My Problem is how to extract the plan Text smart from those files. Currently I am using Apache POI and I have a single methode for every type of File is there […]

How to search an xlsx file for a specific string using Python (and perhaps openpyxl)

How can I search an xlsx file for a specific string variable? Example: ORIGINAL TEXT FILE: one – a b c two – a b c three – a b c four – a b c five – a b c XLSX FILE: two three five OUTPUT CSV FILE: The following in two columns: two […]

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