PowerPivot / DAX Parent Child Hierarchy function PATH Calculation Error

I’m looking into the Parent Child Hierarchy in PowerPivot/DAX. Below are some useful articles I have found. parent-child-hierarchies-in-tabular-with-denali PowerPivot Denali: Parent child using DAX PATH Function (DAX) However, when I tried to implement the PATH function in DAX, I got the following error. =path(rptHierDate_rptHierDate[TREE_NODE_ID],rptHierDate_rptHierDate[PARENT_TREE_NODE_ID]) Below is a screenshot of my dataset. I have checked column […]

Finding averages of subtotals in pivot tables

I am currently working with a pivot table that contains hours logged by individual people for specific tasks and I’m trying to find out the average time taken in man hours for a specific task types but I’m having a lot of difficultly finding a way to easily do it with large amounts of data. […]

Streamwriter adding in extra line breaks randomly when exporting from visual studio to csv c#

I have been trying for a while now to export a data table to csv in visual studio after datalogging. For some reason I get weird results when importing into excel whereas notepad is fine. It seems line breaks are being added in but at random points within the data. I have battling this for […]

excel formula creation using nested if statements

I need help creating a formula in excel. I am essentially looking for estimated revenue per listing. I am assuming each booking always has 2 guests – unless it accommodates only 1. The booking is always for the minimun number of days, and the extra person charge is per night. I need to create a […]

Type mismatch Excel/Outlook vba

What I want is the macro to put: first name | last name | username I am getting an error when calling the userNameBuilder function even though it is returning a string and expecting a string Dim firstName, lastName As String Set sh = ActiveSheet Dim counter = 0 For Each entry In exUser.GetDirectReports() ‘exUser […]

Excel – How to automatically highlight cells when a cell with equivalent value is highlighted

I have a “master list”. We’ll say it looks like so: A | C | E B | D | F Next we have a larger list like so: A | C | E A | D | E B | D | E In the master list, I want to be able to highlight […]

Excel macro to reference cell text

I am putting together a basic macro to format a column to include reference letters. For example, one column has 1,2,3 and there is a cell where the user can input some letters and click a button. ABC for example. This when working shall format 1,2,3 to now be ABC1, ABC2, ABC3 etc. I have […]

VBA Dynamic array : change size and use of Get Let Property

The problem: I would like to create a dynamic array that change size when an event occurs (Event Calculate), by preserving its content and extending by one its size. Let’s say I want to do this for a vector of double (and also a date type). The data is updating in a specific cell. My […]

Excel XML mapping keep reflecting 0

I have a exiting Excel form that takes in user input for generation of XML sheet. Basically, this Excel form consist of drop-down list (Data Validation), and other number input. One of the drop-down list is cater for Countries input, I’ve recently added in another Country and it’s country code into the Drop-down list, and […]

Using excel function LINEST with multiple criteria

First question in the forum and i’m fairly new to vba so bear with me. I’m using LINEST in excel for regression coef and stats. The problem is that the function is very limited in the way you provide the arguments (y’s and x’s). The first thing I got in trouble was the need for […]

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