Insert row based on value in ActiveX combobox

In column B, I have a list of company’s. I have a combobox called ComboBox1 at the top of the sheet and also a button called InsertContact1. The combobox pulls all the company’s from column B and what I want to do is if the user selects Company D from the drop down and hits […]

Errors coming up after moving items around on UserForms

I have been formatting my UserForms to look better, essentially just resizing buttons and ListBoxes. After that this error began to show: System Error &H80004005 (-2147467259) in an endless loop. When I killed the process the file also disappeared. I am working off a previous version now (pre-reformatting) but wonder what I might have done […]

When any workbook is added or closed to the active workbook the Visibilty status of the application is effected

Excel 2013 VBA Macro. When any Workbook is added or closed from the Active workbook the visibilty status of the application is effected i.e makes Application.visible true. This causes the workbook visible, hiding the VBA form. And when I change the Visibility status to false after adding and closing of any other workbook, the whole […]

Large function gives me an error

I have a column with 5 values and I want to get the three largest values. I have a help coulmn eith 1-3. =LARGE($H$5:$H$9, J5) This gives me an error:

Export Data to Excel in Java

Im having java code to make calculation for mathematical formula , and i wanna to export it to excel sheet , but when i do that the value the came from the calculation it become +1 and i don’t know how to fix this , so please can you help me guys , below you […]

Copy-paste multiple hyperlinks with anchor text to Excel

I try to copy multiple hyperlinks with the anchor text from a website and paste them to Excel in the same format (anchor text and hyperlink). So, when I click on the hyperlink in Excel, it will take me to the respective website. It only works for one at a time but not for multiple […]

HTML – show event of today with a JavaScript function

I want my HTML page to show me the events/ in this case birthday(s) of this day. But my Code doesn’t work. function birthday() { var event = []; var temp = []; event[0] = [“31.10.1991”, “test1”]; event[1] = [“11.12.2015”, “TestToday”]; var datum = new Date(); var today = today.getDate(); var month = today.getMonth() + […]

Excel critical failure on 2nd load without save

Folks, Unfortunately I don’t have much to give, this is more looking for that person who happened to have this situation. I have a 30+ sheet workbook that is fairly tame but does have a good amount of on-click macros, but nothing volatile/constant except for simple references (think: title of the workbook, date (manually entered […]

Macro to loop through cells of similar value/product and send that range of email

I have a created a macro for my spreadsheet which can sent out emails successfully. However, it can only send e-mails of each individual part numbers which are over the due date. Which means if I have 100 over the due date part numbers, there will be 100 emails being sent out. I would like […]

How to load a specific sheet from an excel file by asking the user in R?

I would like to load a specific worksheet from an excel file by asking the user. For example: Which worksheet do you want to load ? Answer: SV069_01 Then, I would like to read only the table from this SV069_01 sheet to perform the analyses I already wrote in my code. So I would like […]

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