Python: Reading CSV for keys and assigning value as a new column

I’m new to Python, please be patient if I couldn’t explain my scenario well. I want to search each record in the CSV file for some defined keywords and enter the relevant value in the last column of the same CSV file. This keys and values structure can be defined as a dictionary. For example, […]

how to read data from excel sheet using jquery?

Everything works fine when I have tried with csv files but when I use excel sheets to read data I don’t get data in the proper format. I didn’t find a correct solution for this. Can any one explain to me the process of reading data from excel sheet using jQuery? var reader = new […]

How to multi criteria search in VBA?

I currently need to match 3 different criteria within a table then return the value from a specific column within that table into a table in another sheet. The table I need the values to be placed in is full of data and I only need BLANK cells within 1 specific column to be fill […]

Linking input info from userform to cells

I’m creating a multipage userform where the user inputs data into textboxes and selects from combo boxes, option buttons, etc. I have a data sheet that has formulas in the cells and I’m trying to link what the user inputs in the userform to cells in a spreadsheet. How can I do this?

Excel Copy certain values of Column to another sheet

I’m trying to copy certain values of column to another sheet, but it’s not working. The code I am using is: Worksheets(“Report”).Range(“.Cells(x, 1)”, “.Cells(x, 2)”, “.Cells(x, 4)”, “.Cells(x, 6)”, “.Cells(x, 9):.Cells(x, 13)”).Copy

Accepting multiple user inputs and storing in another sheet in Excel

I’m trying to write a simple macro to make filtering easier and look more appealing for senior users. I cannot figure out how to accept multiple inputs from the (data validation) drop-down menus I’ve made and put them in a column on another sheet to be used as an array for a filter. I need […]

Excel How to use InStr

If InStr(1, UCase(CStr(compare_DU_ID)), “L4L”, 1) >= 1 Then If UCase(CStr(compare_DU_ID)) = UCase(CStr(DU_ID)) Then ‘If L4L in compare_DU_ID, then DU_ID definitely equals to compare_DU_ID Worksheets(“Sheet2”).Cells(y, 97).Value = Updated_Date ‘1. Cells(y, 97) might need to change, depending on which contract date you want to update End If ElseIf InStr(1, CStr(compare_DU_ID), CStr(DU_ID), 1) = 1 Then Worksheets(“Sheet2”).Cells(y, 97).Value […]

Can a Range be defined as a declaration?

I am creating a Presentation to pull data from Excel. Cells relate to labels in the presentation and the writing to the labels is fine – it’s the gathering data I have issues with. When… Dim IssueID As String IssueID = RAC_Excel.Worksheets(1).Range(“A3”) …it will get the data, but I want this to be dynamic and […]

Conditional Formatting Applying to a range instead of the individual cell

The following code is intended to format the cell if the value entered is No and If the value of the cell in same row and some columns before is listed in the sshDevices array Function sshProblem(rng As Range) As Boolean Dim portStatus As String portStatus = rng.Value Dim deviceType As String deviceType = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, […]

PowerPivot / DAX Parent Child Hierarchy function PATH Calculation Error

I’m looking into the Parent Child Hierarchy in PowerPivot/DAX. Below are some useful articles I have found. parent-child-hierarchies-in-tabular-with-denali PowerPivot Denali: Parent child using DAX PATH Function (DAX) However, when I tried to implement the PATH function in DAX, I got the following error. =path(rptHierDate_rptHierDate[TREE_NODE_ID],rptHierDate_rptHierDate[PARENT_TREE_NODE_ID]) Below is a screenshot of my dataset. I have checked column […]

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