Checking If Two Separate Rows have Duplicates in Multiple Columns Then Performing an Operation (VBA)

I have a database of real estate property addresses with columns containing different in formation about the building such as square footage and property type, as well as owner name and phone number. Some of the entries are complete duplicates, meaning that two different rows have the exact same data in all cells. Some of […]

Find text across multiple columns and return value in a different column

I have 5 columns with email addresses. Each cell of each column contains 1 email address and the domains of the emails on each row don’t repeat. I want to find only the emails containing “” and copy the value of that cell to a new column. Using this can check only 1 column =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(“”,T1)),T1,””) […]

Excel VBA Code for Multiple Rows

I have got VBA for Appending HTML Tag. I want that code work for multiple Rows like J2:J50000 Code is like Option Explicit Sub main() Dim newStrng As String Dim word As Variant Dim parTag As String, endParTag As String Dim dateCounter As Long parTag = “<p>” ‘ endParTag = “</p>” ‘ With Worksheets(“TextSheet”) ‘ […]

VBA Sharepoint download not the canonical revision

In my excel workbook I use a VBA script that calls URLDownloadToFile to download a different excel file stored in sharePoint to the current folder of the workbook. My problem is that the downloaded workbook is not the latest / canonical revision. The link I’ve used as a parameter for URLDownloadToFile is the one that […]

formatting phone number into a 10 digit number (mysql)

Most phone numbers are formatted like this as your standard 10 digit north american phone number: 9759542606. However, some are formatted like this: (914) 552-7479 or 13105675417 (11 digits) How do I write a query that converts these numbers into a 10 digit number with has no spaces or non-numeric characters? And if it’s not […]

Skype Fixed Width for Posts with Multiple Columns

I am not sure if this qualifies as a good question, but I have a report from Excel that should be communicated through Skype. The Excel data format is below: I posted it on Skype and the format is really bad (see below). For some, aesthetics matter. So is there a way to retain the […]

VBA: Changing format of text copied into ActiveX Textbox

Problem: I have a separate macro that copies over the text within a specific cell from worksheet2 (which has been formatted to “HH:MM”) into an ActiveX textbox into worksheet1. However, when its copied over, the time populates as a decimal number. How can I make it so that data populates in the appropriate format? Here […]

Offset in Excel 2007 only goes to certain point

In Excel 2007 my formula for offset is not collecting all of my data. The data will be going into an excel chart I want the formula to collect from G28 to G200, but it stops at G111. Here is the full formula: =OFFSET(TIJ!$G$28,0,0,COUNT(TIJ!$G$28:$G$200),1) Any help is much appreciated. Best, Drew

SSRS VBA code Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I have some custom code in an SSRS report which works perfectly well (with minor changes) when I run it with test data in Excel VBA but fails in SSRS with the error The Value expression for the textbox ‘textbox72’ contains an error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object The report […]

Why is some of the colorization of cells not occurring, and is there a connection between that and the “Cannot perform runtime binding” err msg?

I’m getting the following err msg: This is occurring in this code: private bool GetContractForDescription(string desc) { int DESCRIPTION_COL_NUM = 2; int CONTRACT_COL_NUM = 7; bool contractVal = false; int rowsUsed = _xlBook.Worksheets[“PivotData”].UsedRange.Rows.Count; int colsUsed = _xlBook.Worksheets[“PivotData”].UsedRange.Columns.Count; string colsUsedAsAlpha ReportRunnerConstsAndUtils.GetExcelColumnName(colsUsed); string endRange = string.Format(“{0}{1}”, colsUsedAsAlpha, rowsUsed); Range sourceData = _xlBook.Worksheets[“PivotData”].Range[string.Format(“A2:{0}”, endRange)]; // This is blowing […]

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