Excel: compare different date format

I need your help. I have a date with this format: yyyy-mm-dd located in SHEET1 let’s call it DATE1; And I have another date with this format: mm-yyyy located in SHEET2 let’s call it DATE2; What i need to do is something like: IF(SHEET1!DATE1>SHEET2!DATE2;0;1) I’m not getting this right maybe because of the formats? Need […]

To have a date picker to show on multiple worksheets in the same columns

I add a date picker 12.0 on Sheet 1 and would like to have it working across sheet 2 and sheet 3 as well. The below code only works on column 3 and column 6 of sheet 1, but when I click on the column 3 and column 6 in sheet 2 or sheet 3, […]

Multiple find and replace in MS Word from a list in MS Excel

Hi I really hope you can help me as I’ve been trying to do this for a while with not a lot of luck. I have a list in Excel, say, file 1 (say, A1 – B10, 2 columns of words – the words in column A are the ones to be replaced by the […]

Excel – Is there a way to change direction of a formula result when result changes? Rather than it dropping out of the bottom of the cell for example?

When a cell returns a result the visual change always has the ‘old’ data dropping down and ‘new’ data in the cell coming from the top. Is there a way to change the direction of movement? It will look really good on the ‘mock-up’ I am building. Thanks

Sorting a dynamic range of data by value of 1 column and color of another column

I am working on a vba to sort a dynamic range of data by cell color of column 2 and value of column 1. The code works okay with sorting just by value, but got a syntax error when I add the code to sort cell color as well. I have searched for a few […]

Disable Application.OnKey behaviour Excel 2013

I am using Application.OnKey in Excel 2013 to change the behavior of a specific row, when the keys c, x, and z are pressed. My code is below: In a module: Public Sub SetOnKey() Application.OnKey “x”, “Macro1” Application.OnKey “c”, “Macro2” Application.OnKey “z”, “Macro3” End Sub Public Sub UnsetOnKey() Application.OnKey “x” Application.OnKey “c” Application.OnKey “z” End […]

How can I use VLOOKUP with conditional formatting based on specific text in a table?

So I have all the depth charts for all of the NFL teams in a single sheet, in one big table, and then I have the current week’s injury report in a second sheet. On that second sheet, it lists the player’s name in one column and their status (questionable, doubtful, out, or injury reserve) […]

How to remove first “=” in all excell cells

How to remove first “=” in all excell cells. There are cells where phone number has this character. Example: =1234/567 and this phone number will be calculated. Edit: =1234/567 must be converted to 1234/567 Edit: To clear things abc=123 must not be changed, because = is in a middle of word.

Import excel file in python and identify cells of which the content is strikethrough

I want to read in many Excel documents and I would like to receive at least one important bit of information on the format. However, I am afraid that there is no tool for it, so my hope is on you! Each excel file that I am reading in contains a few cells that of […]

Move to the next cell in a row

I am new to excel VBA coding. I have the address of the last non-blank cell in a row A1 And now I want to move to the next right cell. Dim ws As Worksheet Dim cell1 As String Dim cell2 As String Dim rng1 As Range Set ws = Sheets(“ADS User Data”) Set rng1 […]

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