How to use INDIRECT to use a string in a formula

I have a table which I put all the data, grouped by each column. In another sheet, I’m trying to do an average with some filtering: =IFERROR(SUMPRODUCT(Table2[seqLength],Table2[successRate],(Table2[successRate]>0)+0)/SUMIF(Table2[successRate], “>0”, Table2[seqLength]), $D$4) This gives me an weighted average success rate, excluding any cases where everything failed. Now, I’m trying to substitute the name of the parameter seqLength […]

Excel Data Validation Combo Box: Limit options to named range

Thanks in advance for your help. I have created a simple VBA form in Excel. In that form I have created a combo box. To populate this combo box I created a named range and inserted that into the row source field. Good news: The field populates and I can use the autocomplete features of […]

Excel VBA to Share AND Untick “Filter Settings”

Is there any VBA code that will allow me to “untick” the “Filter Settings” option under the Advanced menu when sharing a workbook? I keep getting the following error message: Removed Records: Named range from /xl/workbook.xml part (Workbook) The only thing that seems to fix it is unticking that option. However, I run a macro […]

VBA, Dir Function With Wild Card

I have a user form that pulls a date to be used in a file path. Within that folder I am attempting to use the Dir function to take a file name as a string. Where it gets tricky is although a portion of the file name is consistent, there is a unique ID at […]

MS Excel VBA Forms – Hide Control

I am using MS Excel VBA forms. On my form, there is a drop down list and based on the selection changed in dropdown, I want to hide and show controls. I am able to hide the control by setting visible to true on control, but they still occupy space on the form. Is there […]

Excel Nested Logic Formula

Good Afternoon All, I have a sheet where I am trying to evaluate the status of all items in column b if the corresponding value in column indicates that column b is relevant. Phase Required Status Not Applicable Incomplete Not Applicable Incomplete Not Applicable Incomplete In the above table each row contains a drop down […]

Generate and embed string in quotation marks

I have a column of numbers demarking ages (5-100) within a cohort (B4:B99). I want to use the values within this column as a unique string within another function =FUNCTION(“string”,value). The function requires the string to be within quotation marks. Can I source the string name from the age column for each row and somehow […]

application-defined or object-defined on variable rows and multiple sheets

I don’t think this is a duplicate, however I apologize if it is. I am very new to VBA, so I was hoping to have someone look over my code and help me troubleshoot the application-defined or object-defined error I am getting on the line below: Set aCell = ActiveSheet.Range(“P10:” & Cells(i, 0).Address) ‘Trying to […]

export to excel from ajax request MVC kendo UI

I am working on a MVC with kendo UI. I want a custom button to install the data from a specific date into Excel. I cannot use the “.Excel” in the grid because I need to filter the data before I install them. I tried to connect to a method with ajax request: toolbar.Template( […]

Can I navigate a WebBrowser control to embedded image inside Excel file?

I have an .xlsm file with an ActiveX Microsoft Web Browser control (“Shell.Explorer.2”). I use VBA to open an image inside of it: WebBrowser.Navigate Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path & “\image.gif” I know that if I put an image on the worksheet it will be saved inside the .xlsm file. Such images are stored in the .xlsm (which is […]

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