Pass active sheet to a sub routine

In Excel 2013, I have a worksheet (named “ChartSheet”) which has six charts. I’m trying to automatically set the minimum and maximum values of the Y axis of each chart, upon any change within the worksheet. The values for the minimum and maximum values for each chart are contained within named ranges, specific to the […]

How to unzip the “Password Protected xlsx file” using java

I am using package to unzip the xlsx files and using Stax parser for reading the data. Is it possible to unzip the password protected xlsx file using the package. When I try this I am not able to get the sheet.xml files , I can able to see only the encrypted folders.

Reading data and inputting it into a new Excel file using Java POI

I am Currently trying to read an excel file in java, modify it and then place it into a new excel file. At the minute im just trying to place the read data straight into a new file. My question is how would you get the content from cell.getContents() straight into the new file if […]

Import multiple XML files into Excel

I found this article: How can you programmatically import XML data into an Excel file? which shows how to import an XML file into Excel. My question is how do I import multiple XML files into multiple sheets in one workbook? The “OpenXML()” method appears to relate to the Workbooks collection only, and creates a […]

User Defined Function calculation mess up

This question already has an answer here: Excel VBA, getting range from an inactive sheet 2 answers

Dealing with Nested Loops in Python – Options?

I have a function that looks like this (below). I’m using xlrd in python. Whenever I perform the “print path” function, I receive way too many iterations of path. Essentially, what I’m trying to do is compare two columns in excel, and print out a third. That works perfectly, except that the third is printed […]

Trouble with Conditional Formatting Date + Other Conditions

I’m relatively new to Excel and have to stitch together something. I’m having some trouble with conditional formatting. What I’d like to do is, for each line, type in the date of request. The hidden column is just the date of request +21 days. For the heading records rec’d, I have it elsewhere with 1 […]

Hiding excel whilst SAS reads in Data

I am using a well known piece of code to read an excel work book into SAS. The SAS code is called from Excel and then proceeds to open the required SAS work book and read the data into a SAS data set. The problem that I have is that while the code is being […]

Compile error when trying to use worksheet variables with checkboxes in excel vba

I’m having trouble creating Worksheet variables. I can’t work out why the code below doesn’t work. It is fine when I don’t try to use the worksheet scheduleSheet (i.e. when I use the commented out line instead), but gives a compile error, “member or data method not found” when I try to use a worksheet […]

Processing a long running process (uploading large Excel files); Ruby on Rails 4.0

I have a create action in a controller that is in charged of uploading Excel files. Some of these Excel files take a long time to process. Once the Excel file is validated and the content of the file is saved in a table, the user is redirected to another view where they see a […]

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