Excel VBA Vlookup different workbook without the the file opened

I’m trying to write a macro with Excle VBA that Vlookup a different workbook without opening the file, however, the system highlighted the “‘” before C:,and showed Compile error “Expected: expression”. I am trying get this done without using it in a string “=Vlookup …. etc”.” For j = 2 To lastRow With Worksheets(“ABC”) .Range(“K” […]

Excel Macro to give report title based on Cell Value

I am very new to macro programming and currently creating a macro that splits a table into new worksheets dependent on a unique variable, then copies and pastes each worksheet into a single word document split by page breaks. What I cannot work out how to do, is create a macro that gives each table […]

how to check if cells values are equivalent in excel but in different sheets

how to check if cells values are equivalent in excel but in different sheets Let’s say if in sheet 1 in cell A1 value is John and Let’s if in sheet 2 in cell A1 value is Jermey In third sheet I need to show if both values are equivalent or not. If it’s equivalent […]

(VBA Help Request) Fast Table Generation for Mathematics Journal Submission (will credit any help!)

Am currently working my thesis around very famous math problem and need some help making a VBA form where I can just push enter and data of size (N) will be outputted. I have made a full workbook using multi-dimensional index,match,rank, and indirect functions to then generate this data. This was more of a proof […]

Excel VBA returns 'type mismatch' error on .Find function – even though it's searching correctly

I’m having a problem that a little googling tells me lots of other people have had, but with a strange exception. I am trying to use Outlook VBA to search an Excel spreadsheet to see if a record exists (and if it does, create an email using the contents of that record). I’m using the […]

Compare the value with the next 5 rows value if there is a 10% increase

EXCEL how to compare the value and next 5 rows value if there is a 10% increase. something like that if (A1 > A2*1.1 or A1 > A3*1.1…or A1 > A5*1.1) then return true; A B C D E 1 1 2 1.1 3 0.9 4 0.9 5 0.9 6 0.9 7 0.9 H 0.9

Input a number and verify to a range

I’m using excel, I want to input a number and verify it to a range. example my range is 86.1 +/- 1. I want to input a number and have it verify that its between the range. So if you type in 86.0 then you can continue, if you put 8.60 then it will prompt […]

Polytonic Greek in XML: it's not unicode, but what is it?

When using XML as the output format, the Perseus vocabulary tool displays greek words in some kind of latin way. for example: ὁ is written as o(. δέ is written as de/. οὗτος is written as ou(=tos. My question is this. Does anybody know : a) how this way of representing polytonic greek is called? […]

Oracle view columns empty

We use commodity trading software linked to an Oracle database to export reports to Excel. I’m connecting to this Oracle database using PowerPivot as well as SQL developer. In doing so, I’m able to connect to Oracle directly creating live, refreshable reports which no longer need to be constantly exported. I located an Oracle view […]

VBA code to search substrings in a file and print the entire word

Is it possible to have a VBA code to print the entire word for a searched substring for multiple files in a location on a excel sheet? Suppose, I have 10log files in location ‘C:\Logs’ In each log file I want to search for strings listen in sheet 1 (in rows) Eg. 1]Red 2]Blue 3]Green […]

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