Proper manner of using two separate if conditions

I have two separate IF checks for a list box within a function called ExportFiles. If either check fails (listbox is empty, or no listbox items are selected – which I have another function to check) I want the function to end. Currently I have it written like this, but it seems repetitive and too […]

Excel: Data Validation drop-down list has trailing blanks on a Dynamic Named Range

I am trying to make a combobox inside a userform. But to make things even simpler, I just picked a random cell and tried out a data validation on a dynamic range I made and named. For instance: Name of Range = Test Random information in 3 Columns (G, H, and I) a 1 jef […]

Coloring dots in scatterplot diagram by Axis Label value

I have a dataset from which I have plotted a scatter diagram as shown in the image. I would like to color the dots based on the first column values, because they recur in the dataset, so that I can identify points corresponding to various column values.

Excel Conditional Formatting Two lists on different spreadsheets

I have two lists, List A and List B, on two different spreadsheets, that I need to compare and format. List A is a reference list with two columns, Name and Type. List B contains only one column, Name, and may contain some of the names in List A and not necessarily in that order. […]

VBA: Data entry into combobox works, but command button gives “Invalid property value” error

I have a userform with 3 comboboxes and a command button that, when clicked, puts the entered values into a sheet. I have MatchRequired set to True for all 3 so that other values can’t be entered in. My problem is that I can get past each combobox with no problems as there aren’t any […]

Read Expand and Collapse in Excel

I have a excel with the Expand and collapse option with + and -. Is there a way to read that value while reading the excel file in java? Can i know whether there is a expand or collapse present for that particular row when am reading it in my Java code? Like in the […]

HTTP Request Doesn't Update

My first HTTP “GET” request works whenever I open my workbook; however, all subsequent requests (it updates on a timer) pull in the same data. There’s no update in the data until I close the workbook, re-open it, and run it again. Dim httpRequest As MSXML2.XMLHTTP For Each iCell In Range(“J8:J18”) Set httpRequest = CreateObject(“MSXML2.XMLHTTP”) […]

Close and open an excel workbook without flickering

I have been trying to achieve this from my application level addin but some how not able to get this right. Below are the steps I am trying to achieve on click of an application level addin button: Open an existing Excel file in current application. Do some refresh. After refresh close that (with Save […]

How to use 32 bit oracle client for 64 bit Windows by the use of Excel to connect a data base?

If I try to connect via Excel to a database I get the following Error: test connection failed because of an error in initializing provider excel I searched for the reason and found that I have to use 32 bit version of Oracle client while the 64 bit version is at the moment installed. I […]

Hide rows with an inputbox integer starting range

What I want to do is have a command button, that when pressed, pops up an inputbox asking for “Please enter number of items (Limit 5000)”, then runs a VBA code that hides all rows between Inputbox.value + 3(the number of header rows) to row 5003 (the end of the sheet). I have found the […]

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