Adding image to Excel

I’m trying to insert an image from file to Excel using EPPlus and, I added the image to Excel successfully but can’t position it properly. Using img As System.Drawing.Image = Image.FromFile(path) ws.Drawings.AddPicture(“picture1”, img) ws.Drawings.Item(“picture1”).SetPosition(row, 0, column, 0) End Using That’s how I add the image, you can see the results in the image below. […]

Multiple regression to extract the coefficients, intercept and R-Squared

Could anyone please tell me how to extract the coefficients, intercept and R-Squared using VBA from the table below? X y z 1 2000 40000 2 2100 3433 3 2111 4333 4 2122 2133 5 3988 2311 6 1232 2311 7 1211 4322 1 2343 2121 2 2112 2222 3 2543 2111 4 3211 2321 […]

Exporedt mysql data not display in Excel sheet format

I am using given below code to export database data in to excel sheet,But data in export properly & HTML code also display $Year=”15″; $sql = “select * from table WHERE CurYear=$Year ORDER BY id”; $header = ”; $data =”; $export = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error($con)); while ($fieldinfo=mysql_fetch_field($export)){ $header .= $fieldinfo->name.”\t”; } while( $row = mysql_fetch_row( […]

How to link two sets of data when generating an extract in Excel?

I have a simply application where I let user add a Client information (Fname, Lname, Dob) to tblClient. Each client is assigned an id such as TalID101, TalID102, TalID103 and so on. On another form, I let the user add child information (Fname, Lname, DOB). This information gets saved to another table, with the same […]

Data Validation drop down lists

I am working on a rate card for my company, and when you choose a different package I am trying to get other fields to change. Once they have been changed, I would like the other fields to be able to change. I’ll try and give a simple explanation of what the spreadsheet could look […]

Cannot assign IF formula for cell

I need to insert row with VBA where some cells have predefined formulas. In particular – formula IF(;;;). It works for simple formulas (last row), but for those with IF (two formulas as comments) it gives: “application defined or object defined error”. Sub insertrow() Dim rngSelectionTable As Range Set rngSelectionTable = ActiveSheet.Range(“options_selectiontable”) Dim srcrange1 As […]

Powerpivot DAX Rank products by quarterly sales with monthly data

I’m trying to create a calculated column that assigns a rank to each Product based on its sales in each combination of Country, Store, and Quarter. However, the data in the table is monthly. I was thinking of using SUMMARIZE() to create the quarterly view and then use RANKX() on that, but the value for […]

Copy data's from one workbook to another workbook through Command Line

I would like to copy data from Excel(xlsx) to macro enabled file(xlsm) through command prompt. I have used the following syntax copy sourcefile destinationfile Above command works fine for two xlsx or two xlsm files. If I try to copy from xlsx to xlsm , while opening, macro enabled file is corrupted. Does anyone have […]

PHP: Fatal Error while trying to load Excel Object

I’m using php to open an excel file. I want my excel file to be visible on the clients side. Just to open it. Im still working on my local host so it cant be an IIS setting error, as mentioned in other stack answers. I created a VB macro called OpenWorkbook, which finds the […]

No suitable JDBC Excel driver is found in exported runnable .jar file

I’ve written J2SE application that uses connections with Excel spreadsheet and Oracle. I’m using xlsjdbc-1.7.0.jar drivers for Excel connections. It runs fine from Eclipse, but when I build a runnable .jar file and try to execute it on other PC, it shows following error: No suitable Driver found

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