Moving excel database from column to row based

So… I have a database in Excel, the structure is:

"Country" "Year" "Index1" "Index2" "Index3"...

"Italy" "2016" "1.3" "2.3" "8.5"

"Italy" "2015" "1.5" "2.9" "3.5"

"Italy" "2014" "1.8" "2.3" "4.5"

(” ” means separate column)

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  • i.e. each row contains in separate columns a country and year as well as all the descriptive parameters(Indexes) for the specific country and year.

    This is not very good for pivot tables, I think. So what I want to have is this:

    "Country" "Year" "Index name" "Index value"
    "Italy" "2016" "Index1" "1.3"
    "Italy" "2016" "Index2" "2.3"

    Do you now what I mean? Now, this could be very easy copy&aste… however my database has about 30 indexes for all countries in the world… for the past 30 years… hell of a database, no way I can do this via copy&paste…

    Any suggestions?

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