MaxIf with associated row info?

Im using array formulas to determine the maximum value of a specific subset of row data:


This works fine & gets me the maximum value in C where A = “somestring”.

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  • Now, I want to return other column values associated with this “max” row that are strings. Intuitively I think I may need to ditch the boolean logic multiplication strategy since string values are getting involved. What’s the best/cleanest way to go about this?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “MaxIf with associated row info?”

    Try this:


    Column you want values for is set to B in this example.

    Assuming you’re interested in the string in column D, this will work:


    Note that since it’s Indexing on the Row() you’re Index column needs to start at 1, e.g., D1:D100.

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