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Get data from ListObject not made from code

In a VSTO Workbook, I would like to get data from a ListObject made from Excel. So there is not such things like DataBinding in code. What I would like to do is something like that : var rows = ((DataTable)Globals.Feuil1.MyNamedListObject.DataSource).Rows Unfortunately, here DataSource is null because, of course, it is not bound.

How are .Net subscriptions to COM Interop events handled when RuntimeCallableWrapper gets disconnected (and how to deal with missing events)?

I’m currently writing a VSTO addin for Excel (in C#), where I need to maintain a 1:1 relationship between the Name of the WorkBook in Excel and a property in .Net. This is pretty trivial (below is pseudo-code, but very illustrative of what is happening; might have a signature wrong or similar though): public class […]

VSTO: Testing a PivotField's Orientation

I have a VSTO application involving an Excel pivot table where I need to test if a particular PivotField is hidden or not. Initially I tried code as follows: if (myPivot.PivotFields(myFieldName).Orientation == Excel.XlPivotFieldOrientation.xlHidden) That compiled okay, but produced a run time error. I found that if I changed it to this: if (myPivot.PivotFields(myFieldName).Orientation == (double)Excel.XlPivotFieldOrientation.xlHidden) […]

VSTO Set Workbook using File Path

I am currently working on an Excel add in and I am having problems to set the workbook using the file path without opening the workbook itself. I have my pseudocode below: 1. FilePath = @”C:\temp\wb.xlsx”; 2. Excel.Workbook wb = new Excel.Workbook(); 3. wb = FilePath; Number 3 will raise an error. Can anybody help […]

Excel Add-In Installer: VSTOExcelAdaptor.dll failed to register

I am working with an Excel Add-In created by someone else in Visual Studio 2015 targeting the .NET 4.5 framework. My Task is to create a simple way to deploy this Add-In onto machines that are running Office 2010 or later. I worked through this MSDN example on how to deploy an Office solution using […]

Excel VSTO Document-level Customization, Dynamicly creating worksheets with code-behind

I’m trying to create an Excel document-level customization that upon opening fetches an array of strings from a webservice and for each of these strings creates a worksheet with some functionality. I’ve tried 2 approaches: I created a ‘Template’ Sheet at Design Time with all functionality, then try to copy this template worksheet for each […]

'Invalid Index' using Excel Interop in C#

I am getting an Invalid Index COM Exception when attempting to retrieve a page break item that should exist. It appears every time I attempt to access the 3rd or higher item in an Excel.Worksheet.HPageBreaks list, it returns an invalid index error. If it’s item 1 or 2, it has no problem retrieving the item […]

How to customize excel auto filter popup screen using VSTO com add-ins in C#

I am creating a com add-in using VSTO C# but couldn’t find a function or event that allows to sort tree nodes manually and add a toggle button in excel auto filter popup screen from code. Here is the sample image attached as I want.

C# Opening SQL Connection from Currently Opened Worksheet

Can somebody help me regarding the problem I encountered in C# and Excel. Currently, my code goes like this: string fname = Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ActiveWorkbook.FullName; con = new OleDbConnection(@”Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=” + fname + “;Extended Properties=\”Excel 8.0;HDR=” + hdr + “\””); I am trying to connect to Excel worksheet as my database from my C# application. What bother’s […]

CustomXMLNode – Updated element attribute moves to last index

I have a custom XML part in my VSTO Excel Add-In. In one of my elements, I have 4 attributes: <myElement attr1=”Value” attr2=”Value” attr3=”Value” attr4=”Value” /> Whenever I update the an attribute with the following code: addInXmlPart.SelectSingleNode(“//XPath to Element”).Attributes[1].NodeValue = “New Value”; … it always moves the that updated attribute to the last index: <myElement […]

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