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Compare the value with the next 5 rows value if there is a 10% increase

EXCEL how to compare the value and next 5 rows value if there is a 10% increase. something like that if (A1 > A2*1.1 or A1 > A3*1.1…or A1 > A5*1.1) then return true; A B C D E 1 1 2 1.1 3 0.9 4 0.9 5 0.9 6 0.9 7 0.9 H 0.9

Pull data from Google Sheet based on Date

Trying to pull date from a sheet based on Date. So I have a sheet, named January and a sheet named Test. I want to pull all the data from the January sheet that is dated 1/1/2016. I have tried a few VLookups but have had no success. As seen in the image below, when […]

In a column, find all cells with same text inside. Then sum all the values in the same rows but different column

Imagine the scenario in the image: My database is composed by 980 names for 9,800 rows so I really hope I can find an easy formula for it. I know I will have to use VLOOKUP but I don’t know how to sum the rows after I find them. Starting from the list of names […]

Vlookup doesn't seem to cooperate

I have the following Code for bank reconciliation which involves checking each cell in column D of sheet1 (bank statements) and see if it exists in column M of Sheet 2. If it doesn’t flag it by saving it to arrOutput. Being a new user, and because I could not attach the spreadsheet, I have […]

VLOOKUP with criterias from both row and column

I have a big table like this (imagine round-robin result table) where both column and row are team names that First row will be exactly like First Column Because the table is very big so it is hard to look up for value if I have to look for multiple values So I’d like to […]

Complicated formula for a user form (2)

I am working on a user form where I need to find a way to add a certain amount of “additional hours” (D:48 to D:51) based on the “means of transport” (L:19 to L:24) selected by the user. please note that L:19 to L:24 has a drop down list of type of transport as listed […]

Vlookup – Find the Max/Min and return the word three columns to the right

I have a defined range where I need to find the Max (and Min) number in the range and then return the name associated with that Max (and Min) number. For some reason I can’t seem to get my vlookup to work. I need to store the name in a variable (Dim test2 As Variant) […]

How to find and match data in Excel

I have an Excel file which contains two sheets, one holds a list of specific usernames (say in column A) and the other one holds the complete list of usernames (column A) and also the cities (column B). I need a formula to match usernames between these two sheets and then have the related cities […]

Trying to highlight instances in one column where the value is duplicated in another column

This question has been raised on here before, but I find that I am not doing something right, as my knowledge of excel is quite poor. I have two lists of data. List one is a very long list of 650 numerical items (in the form of xx-xxxx) and the second list is about half […]

VBA Lookup- lookup range error

I’ve exhausted every option so I’m left with throwing myself at your mercy. I’m trying to automate a report in excel but the lookup just isn’t working. the idea is it does a lookup on a pivot table that is refreshed every day and moves along to the next empty day and gives the results. […]

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