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VLookup Won't work in Excel after Parsing Text

I’ve created an editable link to my Excel workbook here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ai_INzFRkuU2jV_Gcv3wSI0uwwBZ My objective is to create a column in the “DK” sheet, column “I”, that returns the weekly, percentile-ranking of each respective player. The weekly, percentile-ranking of each player is represented in the subsequent sheets. There is one sheet for each position: QB, RB, WR, […]

How can I use VLOOKUP with conditional formatting based on specific text in a table?

So I have all the depth charts for all of the NFL teams in a single sheet, in one big table, and then I have the current week’s injury report in a second sheet. On that second sheet, it lists the player’s name in one column and their status (questionable, doubtful, out, or injury reserve) […]

Excel – How to automatically highlight cells when a cell with equivalent value is highlighted

I have a “master list”. We’ll say it looks like so: A | C | E B | D | F Next we have a larger list like so: A | C | E A | D | E B | D | E In the master list, I want to be able to highlight […]

How to return multiple columns using vlookup in Excel?

Let suppose i have 2 tables with below data. I want to return all three columns of a row(each row at a time) of table A, when location of table A found in the locations(look for all locations) of table B using vlookup. e.g: step 1: first location of table A = 1 step 2: […]

How to align two data sets by date in excel

Given two time series with date and price (but dates don’t align, ie holidays etc) how can i align the two price series against one set of dates (using vlookup?)? Example: Mar 1, 2016 | 101.52 | Mar 1, 2016 | 204.57 Mar 2, 2016 | 103.17 | Mar 3, 2016 | 207.13 Mar 3, […]

Excel Lookup and pull in depending on cell contents

Another tricky issue for me. I have worksheet with all my information. On another sheet I need to pull a number depending on a specific value. for example: On the Master sheet, Cell AN2 will contain either BMI or ASCAP Cell A2 will contain a number, let’s say 12345 On my Second sheet, I have […]

Excel: If vlookup returns specific text, countifs number of instances (multiple)

First post, but I am stuck and was hoping for some help. What I am trying to do is use a nested IF formula to determine whether the value returned by a VLOOKUP matches specific text on another sheet in the same workbook. If it does, to then use the COUNTIFS function to determine the […]

Another 'help me solve my multiple values in csv, VLOOKUP returns just one”

I work for a small food company and I can pull a weekly CSV which gives a production report. Column C lists the product code, column D lists the quantity made. Row C D 5 CHOCOLATE 86 8 VANILLA 100 9 VANILLA 50 Of course I can VLOOKUP, which shows CHOCOLATE at 86, and due […]

Vlookup, Total “No” Values per specific date

How do I calculate the Total Number of cells containing “No” for the specified Date in Column 3, I need to do it as a summary table that will update as the days get added to the table: 23-Oct-16 1 24-Oct-16 0 25-Oct-16 1 Table1

Compare two sheets in one excel workbook?

I’m new in excel. Could any one help me in comparing the columns between two sheet on the basis of a key. Requirement is: There are 7 columns in both the sheets. I’ve to take 7th column as key and search the key in another sheet. Then on the basis of key compare 1 to […]

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