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Copy highlighted cell and sheet name to destination worksheet

I am trying to copy cell values that meet two conditions: (1) highlighted row, and (2) have a particular region code, e.g. “WA”. Need to copy cell values from column B to the destination worksheet below the header in column A. In addition, copy the sheet name that corresponds to those values that meet those […]

Execute PL/SQL procedure (with no parameters) in Excel 2013 without VBA

I have used a ORAOLEDB connection string to connect to my database in excel. I am able to retrieve tables in excel after the connection but I am not able to execute my PL/SQL stored procedure and get results in excel. I have to execute procedure without writing any macro/VBA code. Below is my stored […]

Excel Macro that embeds images is having trouble looping

An AMAZING user helped me to embed images vs. inserting images, so that when users use the macro to insert images and then send the workbook to others, the images would show. Link to the question I edited it to work for me and it for the most part, worked like a dream! But now […]

To have a date picker to show on multiple worksheets in the same columns

I add a date picker 12.0 on Sheet 1 and would like to have it working across sheet 2 and sheet 3 as well. The below code only works on column 3 and column 6 of sheet 1, but when I click on the column 3 and column 6 in sheet 2 or sheet 3, […]

Multiple find and replace in MS Word from a list in MS Excel

Hi I really hope you can help me as I’ve been trying to do this for a while with not a lot of luck. I have a list in Excel, say, file 1 (say, A1 – B10, 2 columns of words – the words in column A are the ones to be replaced by the […]

Sorting a dynamic range of data by value of 1 column and color of another column

I am working on a vba to sort a dynamic range of data by cell color of column 2 and value of column 1. The code works okay with sorting just by value, but got a syntax error when I add the code to sort cell color as well. I have searched for a few […]

Move to the next cell in a row

I am new to excel VBA coding. I have the address of the last non-blank cell in a row A1 And now I want to move to the next right cell. Dim ws As Worksheet Dim cell1 As String Dim cell2 As String Dim rng1 As Range Set ws = Sheets(“ADS User Data”) Set rng1 […]

Checking If Two Separate Rows have Duplicates in Multiple Columns Then Performing an Operation (VBA)

I have a database of real estate property addresses with columns containing different in formation about the building such as square footage and property type, as well as owner name and phone number. Some of the entries are complete duplicates, meaning that two different rows have the exact same data in all cells. Some of […]

Excel VBA Code for Multiple Rows

I have got VBA for Appending HTML Tag. I want that code work for multiple Rows like J2:J50000 Code is like Option Explicit Sub main() Dim newStrng As String Dim word As Variant Dim parTag As String, endParTag As String Dim dateCounter As Long parTag = “<p>” ‘ endParTag = “</p>” ‘ With Worksheets(“TextSheet”) ‘ […]

VBA Sharepoint download not the canonical revision

In my excel workbook I use a VBA script that calls URLDownloadToFile to download a different excel file stored in sharePoint to the current folder of the workbook. My problem is that the downloaded workbook is not the latest / canonical revision. The link I’ve used as a parameter for URLDownloadToFile is the one that […]

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