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Pivot off of access query is misbehaving

So I have a document that has a pivot table that was previously linked to an access query. It worked fine, no issues. The problem started when I wanted to change which database the pivot table was linked to. When I tried to change the external data source to the new database, excel gave me […]

Tracking pivot table Filters in Excel using vsto c#

Could anybody suggest how to get the details of Filters that are applied on an Excel Pivot Table. Also from a set of Pivot Tables from current sheet, how to identify those pivot tables in which the filters are applied. Thanks in Advance..

How can I sort a pivot table sort by multiple columns?

Hey stackoverflow community, Looking to find a solution for a pretty simple problem (I think). In a normal Excel dataset, one can sort with many different options. If you go to Data -> Sort, you can add multiple levels of sorting, i.e. “I want to sort by revenue, then total quantity, then alphabetic Product order, […]

Import pivot table from Excel into SAS EG

I have a pivot table which I need to import into SAS EG. But this pivot table has values coming from database and few values are entered manually. When I tried to import this pivot table to SAS ., only the values from database got imported. the manual values were not imported into sas. Could […]

Filter in excel 2010 pivot on last 3 months with VBA

There are several Excel sources (xxx; yyy; zzz;…), all with the same format, all huge, around 200.000 lines. I need to create a separate statistics file, one sheet for all source files, same statistics on each sheet, several pivots on each sheet. The source files are growing each week. I can make my macro update […]

Excel 2010 Pivot Table sorting dates in ascending order correctly, but not descending

Background: I’m working with Excel 2010. I have a pivot table connected to an excel data table (formatted as a range) I have a date/time field called “Date” that is at the daily level MM/DD/YYYY The field called “Date” is definitely stored as date/time. Type()=1. My pivot table uses the “Date” field as the row […]

VBA: run macro to manipulate a pivot on values in 3 different drop down cells

I am relatively new to VBA. I have a PivotTable summing the data from another Excel sheet. It has 3 data fields: fees, items and volume for companies from ā€aā€ to ā€iā€. The pivot has also 2 report filters (scheme and category). Now what I basically need to do is to run following macros depending […]

VBA to Set Field Across Multiple Pivot Tables and Charts

We’ve setup a dashboard in Excel 2013 that consists of various tables, charts, and text. We’d bounded the scope by a specific timeframe, but were asked if we’d be able to include all data and allow a user to choose their own dates. At first I thought this would be easy by way of Slicers […]

Excel Pivot Table Grouped Dates

I inserted a pivot table with a named table as the data source, and am using the date value as a Column Label. The dates are either 1/0/1990(blanks), late December 2015, or early January 2016. I would like to only display dates from 2016, so I used the “Date Filter” to only show values from […]

Pivot table, multiple spreadsheets

I have multiple spreadsheets that all have different data. I tried multiple consolidation ranges but it didn’t let me select the data I wanted. I have 2 columns in each spreadsheet (many) with the same table title that I want to use (they are not in the same place in each sheet, and are only […]

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