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formatting phone number into a 10 digit number (mysql)

Most phone numbers are formatted like this as your standard 10 digit north american phone number: 9759542606. However, some are formatted like this: (914) 552-7479 or 13105675417 (11 digits) How do I write a query that converts these numbers into a 10 digit number with has no spaces or non-numeric characters? And if it’s not […]

How to insert value with same id in one cell in PHPExcell

I have an excell file generated from php request. SO what i have inside excel file is: username, project, process. Here is first table username: uid| username| salary| —+———+——-+ 1 | bob | 0 | 2 | barikan | 0 | 3 | beny | 0 | Second table process: projectNo| process | proc_leader| ———+———+————+ […]

C# – Get first and last cell with value in generated Excel report to create chart

I got the tutorial from here: How to create Excel Chart from C#. I haven’t run my program yet as I’m still modifying it to suit my needs. The problem in the tutorial is that it has a hard coded value for cells where chart is going to get its data chartRange = xlWorkSheet.get_Range(“A1”, “D5”). […]

What causes vba application with backend MYSQL timing out

I have a front end database running on top of excel 2010 built on vba and using a back-end MYSQL database and this have been working fine since but just yesterday it started throwing errors like any one with idea what might be causing this please help.I have tried all the possibilities running the queries […]

Convert DB Columns to be appropriated for MYSQL import

I am trying to convert DB columns to the following manner: Here is my original DB: Here in the first column I have the id and them the files for each ID. I would like to covert this order in a format friendly for Mysql DB to be imported like the following: Where in the […]

PHP and MYSQL: Convert 25 character long string to number

I am working on a project, were I need to store a 25 digit number. When I tried to use BIGINT data format, it shows out of range. Then I stored it using VARCHAR data type. But I also need to export this into an MS-EXCEL sheet. When I export it, Excel show only 13-14 […]

Excel 2016 vba ADODB with MySQL

Hi I need to connect to a MySQL DB from excel, I found this example: http://forums.mysql.com/read.php?10,100302 modify it to my requirements, but at the time of run it does nothing, nor it gives me error. Option Explicit Option Base 1 Sub excelmysql() ‘ VBA to perform various actions on MySQL tables using VBA ‘ Majority […]

VBA Excel-Access connection

I’ve an Excel Workbook which connects to an Access database in two ways : – programmatically, using VBA code to insert data and refresh computations – using pivot table and graph with connection to specific result tables The problem is once I’ve connected to the database using pivot cash refresh, my insert SQL query won’t […]

Differing syntax? Microsoft Query vs MySQL

Halo everyone. I have built a code in MySQL and want to use it in an excel worksheets through Microsoft query. A part of the code (second JOIN) have the purpose to reveal the date where the first transaction of a the customer took place. For that I have used the “row_number” approach. The problem […]

MySQL For Excel Addon – Auto Generated UPDATE Queries Not Working on Date Fields

I am trying to use the ‘MySQL For Excel’ add on for excel to enable users to edit data within my database. If unfamiliar with the add on see link below… https://www.mysql.com/why-mysql/windows/excel/ However the automatically generated UPDATE statements are not correct when a date field is encountered. Specifically the addon is not wrapping the dates […]

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