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Remove Unicode characters from CSV files

The company I work for utilizes a MySQL database for most of its operations. Each week our vendors send us an update file in CSV format. We upload the file through our CRM software and it goes through and updates the records in our database. Ideally this works and everything finishes. It rarely is that […]

Exporedt mysql data not display in Excel sheet format

I am using given below code to export database data in to excel sheet,But data in export properly & HTML code also display $Year=”15″; $sql = “select * from table WHERE CurYear=$Year ORDER BY id”; $header = ”; $data =”; $export = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error($con)); while ($fieldinfo=mysql_fetch_field($export)){ $header .= $fieldinfo->name.”\t”; } while( $row = mysql_fetch_row( […]

Automated Data Sorting using Access or Excel

The problem I am having is that there is certain data in an access database that is released the month after it occurred. So Jan. data comes out in Feb. and so on. Then the second month after a revision occurs, and the third month after the final revision comes out. The “actual date” (ie […]

ODBC driver doesnt support requested properties

I am using a VBA macro to query mysql from excel but I am having problems with non-ascii values. Here is my code: Sub sqldene() Set conn = New ADODB.Connection conn.Open “DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver}” _ & “;SERVER=localhost” _ & “;DATABASE=main” _ & “;UID=root” _ & “;PWD=” Set rs1 = New ADODB.Recordset With Worksheets(“Sayfa1”).Cells(1, […]

Multiple Data Sources in Microsoft Excel SQL Query

I have a lot of spreadsheets that pull transactional information from our ERP software into Excel using the Microsoft Query that we then perform other calculations on automatically. Recently we upgraded our ERP system, but management made the decision to leave the transactional history in the old databases to have a clean one going forward […]

Handle Quotation Marks Importing From CSV

I’m importing around 30000 rows from a CSV file but I’m having an issue with importing when the user has inputted quotation marks. I already had an issue with when the user had inputted commas (I’m using a comma as a delimiter) but now I have an even bigger issue, one that I can’t seem […]

How to convert Microsoft Excel xlsx file to mysql database .sql file

I’m using Microsoft Excel as a database since 2000 but I would like to update application as a web based platform. So I need to convert my .xlsx database to a .SQL file to access in a new program.

Complex reporting PHP MySQL

I have four tables in my Database: Metrics ->id ->description Agents ->id ->name Forms ->id ->agent_id ->campaign_id ->calldatetime ->phone Forms_Responses ->id ->form_id ->metrics_id ->response And one of the users asked me make a report like so: Metric ID | Agent_name | Agent_name | Agent_name .. and so on (depends how many from db) __________|____________|____________|______________ | […]

export selected mysql data to excel

I have a question about exporting selected mysql data to excel. I have pulled data from a mysql table and I arranged it as I wanted. How can I export data from current page to excel?? I have tried to use this code, <input type= “button” onclick=location.href=”export.php” value=”Export”/> this is for the export button on […]

Excel changes time-format to datetime with MSQuery

I make with Excel a MSQuery to obtain some fields from a table in MySql what is working fine but there is one column which has in MySQL a time-format and Excel delievers me this in datetime-format. I can format the cell in Excel so that it shows me the time in format hh:mm that […]

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