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create and save excel file with nodejs

I am trying to create and save an excel file. I used this module and followed their example. In my case I want to save the result locally. Somehow like this: var fs = require(‘fs’); fs.writeFile(filename, result,”binary”); I cannot open the file via excel, because it’s saying that the file is corrupted or broken. Looking […]

clipboard.js – paste multiple lines per cell to Excel

I have a problem I’m trying to solve, namely that I’d like to be able to paste the contents of the clipboard (filled using clipboard.js i) to Excel with some cells having two rows. I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of my project, but here’s a simplified version: Currently my clipboard.js implementation […]

Order of binding to be fired

We are using Microsoft Office.JS to develop addin. Just wondering, is there a way to specify the order of binding to fired? I have two bindings bound to cell, one at row level and other at sheet level (larger area). The event handlers are getting fired okay when the user selects a cell, but not […]

location.href now creates a pop-up window in Excel Javascript Add-In. How do I keep it within the side panel?

I have developed an add-in for Excel using JavaScript. Within the app there are links to other web pages that are critical to the add-in. Until very recently these links stayed within the add-in. Now they have changed to a pop up window in Internet Explorer, outside of the add-in. This causes me a big […]

Changing Synopsys waveform (.vpd or .fsdp) to Excel file

I have a waveform file (.vpd or .fsdp) creating by Synopsys tool (VCS). I can see this waveform by tool (DVE or Verdi), but now I need to change this waveform to Excel file so that I can modify it. How can I change these files (.vpd or .fsdp) to another file that I can […]

Office.Js Row click event

We are trying to identify when user clicks on entire ROW instead of cell using office.js in excel addin. I was able to use to an event handler with matrix binding to identify the user click in a cell, but it doesn’t work when user clicks on the entire row. Just wondering if anyone of […]

Parsing an Excel sheet using JavaScript for GET PUT AND POST REQUESTS

I have an Excel sheet and I want to parse it using JavaScript. After parsing it, I want to use this information to perform GET PUT and POST requests. How do I do this? I have so far tried the following: var fs = require(‘fs’); var request = require(‘request’); var inputJSONdata = fs.readFileSync(‘C:/Users/SESA435429/Documents/Prathamesh_kulkarni/excelsheetinfo.xlsx’); console.log(inputJSONdata); var […]

Excel downloaded using window.saveAs() is not opening

I’m developing and application that has node.js at backend and Angular.js in front end. I’m using exceljs module in node to create a xlsx book. UI is making ajax call to download xlsx file. Node.js code. response.setHeader(‘Content-Type’, ‘application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet’); response.setHeader(“Content-Disposition”, “attachment; filename=” + quoteId +”.xlsx”); workbook.xlsx.write(response).then(function () { response.end(); }); Angular code DownloadService.downloadServiceCall(inputParam).then( function success(res){ var […]

Translating JavaScript into Ruby, for splitting Excel data into two dimensional variables

Below is JavaScript for splitting copy & pasted Excel data. My purpose is to split given Excel data into each unit cell, and reuse them in the HTML side. My problem is that I was able to write it in Javascript, but I’m having trouble rewriting it in Ruby. I need some help here. Here […]

How to save an exported table in a specific directory jquery or anguljarjs

I’m exporting a html table and I wonder if I could save/download it in another directory using jquery or angularjs 1.5.*. because by default, it’s being downloaded into download folder. Thanks!!

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