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Parse Large Excel file on with javascript

I want to parse large excel file with any javascript library to get worksheet names to allow user to choose worksheets that will be process on the server side. I see this library https://github.com/SheetJS/js-xls can parse excel file but will load all the file into memory and the client machine will freeze if file is […]

HTML – show event of today with a JavaScript function

I want my HTML page to show me the events/ in this case birthday(s) of this day. But my Code doesn’t work. function birthday() { var event = []; var temp = []; event[0] = [“31.10.1991”, “test1”]; event[1] = [“11.12.2015”, “TestToday”]; var datum = new Date(); var today = today.getDate(); var month = today.getMonth() + […]

Run Excel VBA sub from javascript in a secure environment

I am attempting to do some automation of excel taks using javascipt. These workbooks already have VBA modules, so I will need to be able to run them from javascript. My challenge is that when I open a workbook using Javascript I do not get prompted to enable macros. I am not able to change […]

Accessing Excel's Object Model from Javascript

I have excel as an activeX object in javascript. I seem to be missing something with reards to how to interact with the object model from there. My watch window shows the value of the “Value” property of the range I am trying to pull data from as “undefined” when I try to assign “range.Value” […]

Export data with css to excel

I have an action which takes JSON data and converts it to table in html with tr , td etc. Is there a way I can add a css code to design some parts of my table or is the only way is to append to the elements as an attribute?

Exporting HTML To Excel in IE11 – “Access is Denied”

I am needing to export an HTML report to excel in various different browsers (preferably solely on the client). I have put numerous hours into this problem, and I have working, browser-specific solutions for IE10+ and FF/Chrome. What I am seeking is a cross-browser solution as I cringe at browser-specific code. var saveData = (function […]

Issue in downloading excel in chrome using window.open() method

I have download button. While clicking on this button, it will save an excel file to a share folder and returns the saved path. Using the returned path, I have to download the same file. The file is saved and URL is returned successfully. I tried below code to download the Excel. window.open(“\\\\Folder\\folder\\folder\\filename.xls”,”_blank”); It is […]

VBA Excel run javascript form event

I’ve already tried to get the element by id, however, the html does not include it. As shown below, this is the script for the drop down that I am trying to change automatically. It will change the name with appIE.Document.getElementById(“supervisor”).Value = “Sup_name” However, it doesn’t fire the event that generates a list of people. […]

Excel add-in using JavaScript API – how to get chart series source?

I am writing an Excel add-in using MS Office JavaScript API One of the tasks is to store charts in cloud and recreate them later. For creating a chart, the only function that the API is providing is var chart = ctx.workbook.worksheets.getItem(sheetName).charts.add(“pie”, sourceData, “auto”); where sourceData must be am Excel range in A1:B2 format. Unfortunately, […]

Opening Excelfile and save to Server

is it possible with basic tools (php,js) to open an excelfile (or wordfile) form Web (not download, only open) and save it. It should be uploaded immediatly without any tasks (Upload Form etc.) Any Ideas? I havnt found any solutions yet.

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