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HTML – show event of today with a JavaScript function

I want my HTML page to show me the events/ in this case birthday(s) of this day. But my Code doesn’t work. function birthday() { var event = []; var temp = []; event[0] = [“31.10.1991”, “test1”]; event[1] = [“11.12.2015”, “TestToday”]; var datum = new Date(); var today = today.getDate(); var month = today.getMonth() + […]

Polytonic Greek in XML: it's not unicode, but what is it?

When using XML as the output format, the Perseus vocabulary tool displays greek words in some kind of latin way. for example: ὁ is written as o(. δέ is written as de/. οὗτος is written as ou(=tos. My question is this. Does anybody know : a) how this way of representing polytonic greek is called? […]

Web Scraping Using Excel VBA – Help Needed

As a relatively new VBA coder, I’ve been given the task of web scraping pertinent ticketing information from a travel booking site (rather challenging 1st task). I have piecemealed some code together and have been able to get to the point of actually opening the target URL and searching for defined parameters. I am now […]

Using Excel VBA to scrape HTML

I have been trying to scrape and parse a website for some financial data so that I can add the data to an Excel spreadsheet using VBA. I have found several possible solutions, but I cannot seem to get them to fit my parameters. My problem is that I only need one variable (Average Target […]

Program coded to come from my email need to change where it's coming from server email…How?

So the issue is that in the testing phase my company wanted it to come from my email and not a random email. Now we want the emails to be sent from donotreply@company.com with the same information that the other email was sending. The new email will not be real (like mine). Public Sub GetDates() […]

Web scraping from div, class and span elements

I want to extract data from S&P Down Jones Indices web site. The relevant data is embedded in this code: <div class=”indices-detail-container”> <div id=”all-indices-slider” class=”slides” style=”float: none; position: absolute; top: 0px; left: -5px; margin: 0px; width: 6318px; height: 113px;”> <div class=”index-detail”> <h5><a href=”/indices/equity/dow-jones-sustainability-chile-index-clp” title=”DJSI Chile” contentidentifier=”2e9cb165-0cbf-4070-a5ef-dc20bf6219ba” contenttype=”web-page” contenttitle=”Dow Jones Sustainability™ Chile Index (CLP)”>DJSI Chile</a></h5> <span […]

Extracting a specific element from website source code in VBA

I’m trying to extract a specific link from a website and I’m having trouble pulling into a String. The link to the source code is this: view-source:http://finder.fi/yrityshaku/Nokia+oyj this is the part I’m looking at: <div class=”itemName”> <!– Yritysnimi –> <!– Aukeaa aina yhteystiedot-vÃ?lilehdelle –> <a href=”/Tietoliikennepalveluja%2C+tietoliikennelaitteita/Nokia+Oyj/TAMPERE/yhteystiedot/159838″ class=”resultGray”> I want to extract the Substring: /Tietoliikennepalveluja%2C+tietoliikennelaitteita/Nokia+Oyj/TAMPERE/yhteystiedot/159838 I’ve […]

export selected mysql data to excel

I have a question about exporting selected mysql data to excel. I have pulled data from a mysql table and I arranged it as I wanted. How can I export data from current page to excel?? I have tried to use this code, <input type= “button” onclick=location.href=”export.php” value=”Export”/> this is for the export button on […]

Click this button in web page form with Excel VBA

I’m trying to hit this button button but It never works. input type=”submit” name=”ctl00$ctl00$cphc$corpo$ucListaAndamento$btnExcel” value=”Gerar Excel” onclick=”this.onclick = null;” id=”ctl00_ctl00_cphc_corpo_ucListaAndamento_btnExcel” class=”btn” style=”width:120px;” /> And I’ve tried like this on VBA Set btnGo = IE.document.forms(0).all(“ctl00$ctl00$cphc$corpo$ucListaAndamento$btnExcel”) ‘ method:submit is the button’s name btnGo.Click

Issue in downloading excel in chrome using window.open() method

I have download button. While clicking on this button, it will save an excel file to a share folder and returns the saved path. Using the returned path, I have to download the same file. The file is saved and URL is returned successfully. I tried below code to download the Excel. window.open(“\\\\Folder\\folder\\folder\\filename.xls”,”_blank”); It is […]

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