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ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs excel 2013 1004 error

I am getting a Run-time error ‘1004’ Method ‘SaveAs’ of object ‘_Workbook’ failed. The code works in excel 2010. I only get this error message in excel 2013. The error message appears after trying to run the follow line. ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs FolderPath & SaveName & NewSaveExt, 52 Background: The spreadsheet is an .xls When using the […]

Import Module.bas from http/ftp?

I want to import a module via ftp/http. For example: ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents.Import (“http://www.server.de/modul.bas”) I would like to save the code of a module in a central file, but we don’t have a shared drive. So I would like to upload my code to some Server and update it from time to time.

How to use a cell value as a row in a formula

How can I use a cell value as a row in a formula? For instance use the value of B1 and B2 to perform an average or sum of those rows? =average([ValueofB1],[ValueofB2])? Thanks

Constructor Exception (Error: WSE 99999) in SAP Business Objects Analysis Edition for Microsoft Office

In our company we have started using SAP Business Objects Analysis Edition for Microsoft Office (Version: for Microsoft Office 2010. But from past few days I have started getting the following error message (i.e. Constructor Exception (Error: WSE 99999) while logging into Analysis Edition for Microsoft Office. When I contacted our Tech support, they […]

How to filter last updated week in column?

Selection.AutoFilter FIELD:=RNG.Column, Criteria1:=xlFilterLastWeek, Operator:=xlFilterDynamic I have week days in column P which is (9-Nov, 16-Nov, 23-Nov,30-Nov), so I need a code to select the last date that is 23-Nov. and also if i update again to next week which is 7-Dec so it should Filer 7-Dec. i need a result is, whatever the last Monday […]

Index and Match with mulitple sheets and parameters

At work we have a large collection of sheet that I’m trying to add a couple columns to. Some of the Index functions were already in the sheets so I am trying to base my new index function off of it because I have never used these types of functions in Excel. The old function […]

Excel data validation after macro

I have a problem with the data validation of excel. I run a macro in workbook A which opens workbook B and copies Values from A to B. This part works fine. However, Workbook B contains a static list of values (semi colon separated) for data validation and when the macro has finished. The data […]

Excel: transfer data from one sheet to next empty row on another sheet error

I’m trying to copy cells (strings) from one sheet (‘Summary Document’ all on row 4) to a table in the second sheet (‘Worker 1’, starting at B10). I believe I have defined all elements correctly. When I run the first time, it works. however, it gives me a 1004 error on the second run. I’m […]

SumProduct inconsistencies with Syntax

I have been told that SumProduct will only work if you provide it with the same array size arguments. =SUMPRODUCT(–(‘[FY16 GBU Master Data File.xlsx]AAA 3 Year Ave Act’!$C$7:$C$15=”AAA”)*–(‘[FY16 GBU Master Data File.xlsx]AAA 3 Year Ave Act’!$BY$5:$CJ$5>=IS!D30)*–(‘[FY16 GBU Master Data File.xlsx]AAA 3 Year Ave Act’!$BY$5:$CJ$5>=IS!I30),'[FY16 GBU Master Data File.xlsx]AAA 3 Year Ave Act’!$BY$7:$CJ$15) Yet when I […]

count of range of columns with null rows in excel

I have run into a wierd problem… may be simple one but I am unable to trace out a solution for the same. I have 10 columns in excel where 8 columns has data and 2 columns doesn’t have the data, Now want to get the count of the null columns. a b c d […]

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