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How to multi criteria search in VBA?

I currently need to match 3 different criteria within a table then return the value from a specific column within that table into a table in another sheet. The table I need the values to be placed in is full of data and I only need BLANK cells within 1 specific column to be fill […]

VBA Paste Values and skip worksheets during loop

I nearly have what I want but can’t seem to get all the way there. I’m trying to grab data from hundreds of worksheets. I want to copy/paste the values of every sheet starting at A5 and going to AG (the rows are varying). One problem I had before was the A column doesn’t always […]

Lookup using INDEX and MATCH with two criteria

I am trying to achieve a basic lookup using INDEX and MATCH. My layout is: Sheet 1 NAME | SITE | DATE Sheet 2 NAME | SITE | DATE I want the ‘SITE’ column in Sheet 1 to automatically populate with the SITE from Sheet 2 where NAME and DATE match. What I’ve Tried =INDEX(‘Sheet2′!B:B,MATCH(A1,’Sheet2’!A:A,0)) […]

Return Column Header of Colored Cells

This process is being used for QC purposes. I have a spreadsheet that highlights certain cells that are wrong based off of their values and the validation rules we have in place. I was wonder if there was a way to return the column names of each cell that is colored into column A for […]

How to update cell references when moving cells into same sheet as target?

How do you force an excel workbook to use itself as a source for worksheet links? I’m writing a VBA macro to automate the process of adding an excel worksheet into a workbook. The worksheet (sheet1) takes only certain (but very many) responses from within the several sheets (response1, response2, response3) of the questionnaire. As […]

Excel 2010: Change default format of today's date shortcut format

Question: How do I change the default of the date format using the Excel shortcut [Ctrl] + [;]? In other words, a “insert today’s date as dd-MMM-yyyy at cursor placement” solution. Currently, it is set to dd-mm-yy. I use Windows 7 Enterprise (SP1). Reason: I want it to be dd-MMM-yyyy, as this is corporate standard. […]

how to print comma separated values to rows in excel using formula

i have two columns where one column contains id and another column contains comma seperated value. I want to split the comma separated values to rows in excel For Example id value 1 a1,a2,a3 2 a1,a2 output id value 1 a1 1 a2 1 a3 2 a1 2 a2 is there any formula to do […]

How to highlight the cell in excel if its blank on comparison in different sheets?

I am trying to highlight the cell in sheet1 which are blank on comparing it with sheet 2. I tried to this with conditional formating but I am not able to get the logic to do it . Please check the sheet . I want the cell being highlight in sheet 1 if its blank […]

Circular Reference Error with an INDEX and MATCH function within IF statement

I keep running into a circular reference problem (displayed at bottom left of screen) for values under “Mold ID Num” as well as other quirky errors such as not propagating my formula throughout the column in a table and more. The code below is meant to return values from they “Mold ID” column if the […]

Limit entry in column in Table in Excel (2010, …) to unique values

I have a Table in Excel for data entry and in this table I have a column mod_keyin which only unique values should be allowed. I know about the data validation and I have tried the following based on the link here =COUNTIF(mod_key,B6) <= 1 but I get the error message “The formula you typed […]

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