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Offset in Excel 2007 only goes to certain point

In Excel 2007 my formula for offset is not collecting all of my data. The data will be going into an excel chart I want the formula to collect from G28 to G200, but it stops at G111. Here is the full formula: =OFFSET(TIJ!$G$28,0,0,COUNT(TIJ!$G$28:$G$200),1) Any help is much appreciated. Best, Drew

Two column INDEX and Change Sheet Name

I am attempting to create a two column index that contains any new information for two columns. This will be for the month of the year and day of the week. The equation I have been using for one column is listed below. =INDEX(TIJ!$N:$N,45):INDEX(TIJ!$N:$N,MATCH(1E+99,TIJ!$N:$N)) Also, I want the formula to change the name based on […]

How to highlight the cell in excel if its blank on comparison in different sheets?

I am trying to highlight the cell in sheet1 which are blank on comparing it with sheet 2. I tried to this with conditional formating but I am not able to get the logic to do it . Please check the sheet . I want the cell being highlight in sheet 1 if its blank […]

How to keep numeric formats after exporting to excel sheet

Because of losing the formatting of my numeric fields in Telerik report when exporting to Excel sheet , i follow Design Considerations for Excel Rendering to fix my problem . And i use Custom Formatting for the numeric fields like this : _(* #,##0.00_);_(* (#,##0.00);_(* “-“??_);_(@_) But the result after Exporting is : [$-1010C01]”_”(“*” #,##0.00″_”);”_”(“*” […]

Where can I configure the .NET runtime/CLR version for Excel?

Where is the location of the configuration file that specifies the NET runtime/CLR version that should use during the launch?

Importing select rows from a table imported from the web using excel

I am trying to automate an investment proposal for a client and want to import only the first row of a table in a webpage into excel, how do I do this ? The import from web function imports the entire table.

same table appearing multiple times in Microsoft Excel query wizard

I have connected an Oracle database to Excel by using odbc but when I am using Microsoft Excel query wizard I am getting same table multiple times so my question is can we get only one table instead of multiple tables (note: I am able to use all tables). From the above screenshot, I have […]

How to Modify VLOOKUP formula in Excel

I need to Update Table _01 referring to Table _02. The Expected results is shown in Table _ 03 But the results as shown in Table _ 04 when I Used the formula =VLOOKUP(D4,A$17:B$21,2,0) consider the following case

Excel column cell data match

In Excel if a cell contain a certain String how can i compare and replace it. I have a column in the Excel file called 1st contact person and all i want is if in the column 2nd Contact Person if it’s says Same as 1st Contact Person than replace the name with the correct […]

Excel – Something between match/substring/left/find

thank you for your help: I’ve the following problem. I have 2 Excel tables. Like these (simplification). Table 1: A B 1 ART NAME 2 HUND WAU 3 HUND WUFF 4 HUND BOXA 5 HUND MAX 6 HUND FIPS 7 HUND WUFFI 8 KATZE MIA 9 KATZE MIU 10 KATZE MIO The other table looks […]

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