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Database needs to be regularly updated using excel spreadsheets, but formatting is NOT uniform

Thus far I’ve been manually importing/updating new records into our Access DB. Of course that’s time consuming and a hassle. The reason for this is that we send our customers a template, but they don’t always send us back the template with their information. Sometimes they change headers, include data in the wrong fields or […]

Sharepoint site opens with window.open() but not with $.get()

I’m using jquery tabs and I would like to have one tab open to an excel viewer file that is stored in sharepoint‘s ‘Document Library’ -> ‘shared documents’. I have sharepoint setup to always open file in browser. I have tried $.get() to open the excel viewer in the tab but I’m only getting a […]

Copy highlighted cell and sheet name to destination worksheet

I am trying to copy cell values that meet two conditions: (1) highlighted row, and (2) have a particular region code, e.g. “WA”. Need to copy cell values from column B to the destination worksheet below the header in column A. In addition, copy the sheet name that corresponds to those values that meet those […]

Execute PL/SQL procedure (with no parameters) in Excel 2013 without VBA

I have used a ORAOLEDB connection string to connect to my database in excel. I am able to retrieve tables in excel after the connection but I am not able to execute my PL/SQL stored procedure and get results in excel. I have to execute procedure without writing any macro/VBA code. Below is my stored […]

VLookup Won't work in Excel after Parsing Text

I’ve created an editable link to my Excel workbook here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ai_INzFRkuU2jV_Gcv3wSI0uwwBZ My objective is to create a column in the “DK” sheet, column “I”, that returns the weekly, percentile-ranking of each respective player. The weekly, percentile-ranking of each player is represented in the subsequent sheets. There is one sheet for each position: QB, RB, WR, […]

Reverse Userform Functions

I know it’s possible for a Userform to propagate information into a spreadsheet based on data entry into the form, but is it possible for this to work the opposite way? Can information from a matrix on a spreadsheet (information that changes frequently) be fed into the Userform, reflecting the changes in the spreadsheet?

Excel Bug in Instr

I think there’s a bug in InStr(), Could anyone confirm it? For instance, Scenario 1, keyword = “1392WG” and searchString = “11392WG”, then if you use InStr(1, searchString, keyword, 1), the results will end up 1. But if the searchString = “31392WG”, then the results will be 2. Could anyone test it? `Sub test() Updated_Date […]

How to assign data to excel sheets in alphabetical order in PHPExcel

I am trying to create excel generated file. I want to get usernames from database and then print names according to each letter in alphabet. I am able to create sheets in alphabetical order but cant print names on each sheet. Here is what i have so far: <?php require_once (‘PHPExcel/Classes/PHPExcel.php’); include(‘inc/database_connection.php’); $conn = mysqli_connect(DATABASE_HOST, […]

Excel Microsoft Query Multiple Values Parameters, Bad Parameter type

I’m using office 365. In excel I import data from Microsoft Query. My problem is that I want to have multiple values in parameter (range) (like a IN condition), I’m only able to get the parameter from cell for only a single value. Sample Query: SELECT * FROM F4211 WHERE SDLNTY = ? AND SDCO […]

Identify first occurence of event based on multiple criterias

I have a dataset in PowerPivot and need to find a way to flag ONLY the first occurrence of a customer sub event Context: Each event (COLUMN A) can have X number of sub events (COLUMN B), I already have a flag that identifies a customer event based on multiple criteria’s (COLUMN D)… What I […]

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