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Excel: compare different date format

I need your help. I have a date with this format: yyyy-mm-dd located in SHEET1 let’s call it DATE1; And I have another date with this format: mm-yyyy located in SHEET2 let’s call it DATE2; What i need to do is something like: IF(SHEET1!DATE1>SHEET2!DATE2;0;1) I’m not getting this right maybe because of the formats? Need […]

Excel VBA not converting and changing date properly

At work I have to create an Excel report sheet based on 3 other excel files I receive everyday. 1 file contains the format in which the information must be displayed and the 2 other files contain the information I need, these 2 last files contain information from 2 and 3 days ago respectively, so […]

Why this formula code is to be not working on future days (in date difference)?

I have the formula to be calculated the date difference(interms of hour) in between two Date/time fields but I have only calculated the number of hour in a day is to be in the 9 AM – 9 PM i.e 12 hours per day only the formula calculated and the calculated days are weekdays not […]

Convert from UTC in Access

UPDATED – Excel has been answered looking for Access solution now. I have looked over previous articles but can’t find one which quite answers this. I have a UTC time format – 2016-10-01T18:07:55.410Z The raw data will be being formatted in excel and placed into an Access database. I don’t mind formatting it in excel […]

Excel 2010: Change default format of today's date shortcut format

Question: How do I change the default of the date format using the Excel shortcut [Ctrl] + [;]? In other words, a “insert today’s date as dd-MMM-yyyy at cursor placement” solution. Currently, it is set to dd-mm-yy. I use Windows 7 Enterprise (SP1). Reason: I want it to be dd-MMM-yyyy, as this is corporate standard. […]

Matlab: Neural Network time series import data

I am quite new to Matlab and need this for a university project. I have a excel list containing the following data about the housing price market in one city: Date, citicens, price I want to build a neural network and use time series analysation. But I cannot import the data, because of the Date. […]

DateValue format issue between worksheets

I’m having issues bringing a date from one worksheet to another. When using the below formula if the date can conform to both American and Australian format it decides to convert it to American (mm/dd/yyyy when i need it as dd/mm/yyyy). Both the source cell and target cell are both formatted alike and the cell […]

Building dynamic year/month headers for a grid

I’m using Excel 2010 and have a requirement that will display 2 rows of headers where row 1 will show the year and row 2 will show the month. This is across a 24 month period and will be driven by another date somewhere else in the data. The 24 month period will start from […]

Repeating Date Sequence Excel

Using formulas and not VBA i would like to repeat a series of dates as many times as necessary. An example of my required output is below however the length of the sequence of dates and the date values are forever changing. Does anyone have any ideas? What i need is when the sequence hits […]

Excel issue related to SUMIFS of dates (start_date & end_date) per criteria (specific text)

I have got 2 sheets: “Sheet1” which contains [the date is with format “dd/mm/yyyy”]: 0| A | B | C | D | 1|ID |Duration|Start_date|End_date | 2|ALB| 3|01/01/2016|03/01/2016| 3|DRA| 5|08/01/2016|12/01/2016| “Sheet2” contains a detailed (per month days) timeline for the 2 IDs: 0| A | B | C | D |…| M |…| 1|Date |01/01/2016|02/01/2016|03/01/2016|…|12/01/2016|…| […]

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