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Python: Reading CSV for keys and assigning value as a new column

I’m new to Python, please be patient if I couldn’t explain my scenario well. I want to search each record in the CSV file for some defined keywords and enter the relevant value in the last column of the same CSV file. This keys and values structure can be defined as a dictionary. For example, […]

Streamwriter adding in extra line breaks randomly when exporting from visual studio to csv c#

I have been trying for a while now to export a data table to csv in visual studio after datalogging. For some reason I get weird results when importing into excel whereas notepad is fine. It seems line breaks are being added in but at random points within the data. I have battling this for […]

Make MAC and PC Excel readable csv with \copy command in Postgres

I make some extracts with the \copy command in Postgres 9.6 (I need them on the local client, not on the remote server). I need them as csv files, with header, delimiter “;” and utf-8 encoded (I store anykind of language, latin, chinese, cyrillic,…), readable by Excel on PC and Mac. It could make it […]

Search cell for text and add if not found

I have a product spreadsheet that contains a row with file names of images. Some have the file extension and some don’t. I am trying to figure out a way to avoid adding “.jpg” to an entire column of cells in my excel worksheet. Is there a method that can help me search to see […]

Excel macro / script to cut/paste text between columns

I am working in as a business developer, however the problems in our support department sometimes require me to work on clients’ CSV file i.e. Excel spreadsheet containing product catalog. Right now I have an Export CSV from an online store, where the first column is formatted in the following way: Name_of_the_product – {store category) […]

How to read XLS file & convert it to CSV format

I have below data in my XLS file’s 1st Column <table border=”1″> <tr> <th align=”left”>First Name</th> <th align=”left”>Gender</th> <th align=”left”>Nationality</th> </tr> <tr> <td align=”left”>Mike</td> <td align=”left”>M</td> <td align=”left”>Singaporean</td> </tr> I would like to convert it to CSV file so output should be in CSV file First Name Gender Nationality Mike M Singaporean I alerady seen […]

online sql client

I have an excel file that i would like to perform sql queries on. Is there an online client where i can upload my file and perform queries on there? Cheers

Render Chinese characters from encoded CSV

I have a CSV file whose fields contain encoding for chinese characters: example cell value: \u53ef\u7231\u7684\u7cd6\u679c\u5c0f\u5e97 How can I save this file (as .xlsx or xls) to properly render the characters?

Find and Replace on import

I’m looking for a way to automatically do a find and replace after I have imported data from a CSV file. The date data in my CSV file has a time stamp that I do not want to use. Yes, I can do it manually but would like to automate it if possible. The data […]

R shiny csv or excel upload option

I have a requirement of giving users an option to upload a file in .csv/.txt or .xlsx format. I am using xlsx package and have provided a radio button on my UI such as ui <- dashboardPage( dashboardHeader(title = “SKU Health Check App”), dashboardSidebar( width = 350, radioButtons( “fileType_Input”, label = h4(“Choose File type”), choices […]

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