Sharepoint site opens with but not with $.get()

I’m using jquery tabs and I would like to have one tab open to an excel viewer file that is stored in sharepoint‘s ‘Document Library’ -> ‘shared documents’. I have sharepoint setup to always open file in browser. I have tried $.get() to open the excel viewer in the tab but I’m only getting a […]

Copy highlighted cell and sheet name to destination worksheet

I am trying to copy cell values that meet two conditions: (1) highlighted row, and (2) have a particular region code, e.g. “WA”. Need to copy cell values from column B to the destination worksheet below the header in column A. In addition, copy the sheet name that corresponds to those values that meet those […]

Execute PL/SQL procedure (with no parameters) in Excel 2013 without VBA

I have used a ORAOLEDB connection string to connect to my database in excel. I am able to retrieve tables in excel after the connection but I am not able to execute my PL/SQL stored procedure and get results in excel. I have to execute procedure without writing any macro/VBA code. Below is my stored […]

VLookup Won't work in Excel after Parsing Text

I’ve created an editable link to my Excel workbook here:!Ai_INzFRkuU2jV_Gcv3wSI0uwwBZ My objective is to create a column in the “DK” sheet, column “I”, that returns the weekly, percentile-ranking of each respective player. The weekly, percentile-ranking of each player is represented in the subsequent sheets. There is one sheet for each position: QB, RB, WR, […]

Reverse Userform Functions

I know it’s possible for a Userform to propagate information into a spreadsheet based on data entry into the form, but is it possible for this to work the opposite way? Can information from a matrix on a spreadsheet (information that changes frequently) be fed into the Userform, reflecting the changes in the spreadsheet?

Excel Bug in Instr

I think there’s a bug in InStr(), Could anyone confirm it? For instance, Scenario 1, keyword = “1392WG” and searchString = “11392WG”, then if you use InStr(1, searchString, keyword, 1), the results will end up 1. But if the searchString = “31392WG”, then the results will be 2. Could anyone test it? `Sub test() Updated_Date […]

How to assign data to excel sheets in alphabetical order in PHPExcel

I am trying to create excel generated file. I want to get usernames from database and then print names according to each letter in alphabet. I am able to create sheets in alphabetical order but cant print names on each sheet. Here is what i have so far: <?php require_once (‘PHPExcel/Classes/PHPExcel.php’); include(‘inc/database_connection.php’); $conn = mysqli_connect(DATABASE_HOST, […]

Excel Microsoft Query Multiple Values Parameters, Bad Parameter type

I’m using office 365. In excel I import data from Microsoft Query. My problem is that I want to have multiple values in parameter (range) (like a IN condition), I’m only able to get the parameter from cell for only a single value. Sample Query: SELECT * FROM F4211 WHERE SDLNTY = ? AND SDCO […]

Identify first occurence of event based on multiple criterias

I have a dataset in PowerPivot and need to find a way to flag ONLY the first occurrence of a customer sub event Context: Each event (COLUMN A) can have X number of sub events (COLUMN B), I already have a flag that identifies a customer event based on multiple criteria’s (COLUMN D)… What I […]

Excel Macro that embeds images is having trouble looping

An AMAZING user helped me to embed images vs. inserting images, so that when users use the macro to insert images and then send the workbook to others, the images would show. Link to the question I edited it to work for me and it for the most part, worked like a dream! But now […]

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