Need help starting simple MySQL database using data from Excel

I’m and intern and I’ve been tasked with something I’m pretty unfamiliar with. My manager has requested I create a simple MySQL database using data from an Excel file(s) and I have no idea where to start. I would normally ask someone here for help but everyone seems to be really busy. Basically, the purpose […]

Excel pivot table stacking fields

(Excel 2010) I have a range with multiple column in it and want to do something like this : Data : Food type – Food item – Date – Price Vegetables – Tomatoes – 2016-01-01 – 5$ Vegetables – Tomatoes – 2016-01-02 – 7$ Vegetables – cucumber – 2016-01-01 – 6$ Vegetables – cucumber – […]

Insert Excel Spreadsheet into Oracle Table using SQL Statement

I know there is a way to import an Excel spreadsheet into Oracle using SQL Developer. However, I am trying to find out if it is possible to import an Excel spreadsheet into an Oracle table using a SQL query statement. I have done this type of SQL query previously going from Excel to MS […]

Create excel mail merge with IBM Notes

Good Morning, I have some code that will create an email mailmerge in IBM Notes based on columns in excel. Only trouble I am running into is I would like to create separate emails for each email address in column A. I also cannot figure out how to have it attach a specific file for […]

Macro is deleting what I want to keep

I have a macro, but it´s deleting the rows that I want to keep, based on a number(the number of the row) it has to keep that, it can move to another sheet, but everything that I try it just moves the last match or deletes every row that I want to keep. What happens […]

Excel VBA – copy and paste new data/rows

I got the help I needed from an earlier question I posted: Excel VBA Copying and Pasting into Next Blank Row in Another Sheet. I have encountered another problem that I came across with on my recorded macro. I do want to mention I’m not experienced with VBA in excel or coding. The code provided […]

Write to Excel if randomly generated coordinates fall inside a polygon provided the cell is empty, if not do nothing

I create a random generator that generates two points(X,Y) with lower and upper limits and each point generated is checked whether or not it falls inside a polygon. Then write that value to an Excel sheet if the point is inside the polygon meaning wn=1. My goal is to write to an Excel sheet if […]

Excel return cell without duplicates

I have a column that uses the LOOKUP function to pull a list of names from a separate sheet within the same workbook. The list of names is concatenated using an IF function – the list is in a single cell; names are separated by commas; and some names repeat. Is there a function that […]

Bulk edit test steps in excel and then import to MTM?

Is it possible to Bulk edit test steps in excel and then import to MTM? Ive found that i can create a query and then open that in excel to display the data i need, i can add on a column for “Steps” and i can enter in a step for single line but i […]

Excel to use external link in a variable format

I have a large data set of files that have to constantly be updated via a heavy VBA script, i would like to separate it out so that the VBA script is by itself 1 file and the data files can be separated into smaller chunks. Hence i wanted to link my data from my […]

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